Introducing Mockup Design Templates.

June 16, 2020

Ever needed a professional looking mockup, but creating the whole design yourself was too much hustle?

However, grabbing different graphics from all over the web and sticking them together seldom yields decent results.

Meanwhile, you might buy a mockup template somewhere to use in Photoshop only to later find out that it doesn't fit your needs.

We're changing this by introducing templates to SceneLab. Now, when you go to you'll find an ever-expanding collection of mockup and design templates. Just scroll through, click on something you like, drop your custom graphic assets onto phones, papers or packages, customize colors to your needs and export your finished design.

When you're looking for something specific, use the full-text search with terms like 'mockup', 'phone', 'macbook' or 'branding'.

Phone mockup design template search
Phone mockup design template search

Right now we're adding at least one new template every day. This way you'll be provided with stunning graphics to showcase your user-interface, package or textile designs as well as social media and branding content.

Everyone can use these templates for free. Downloading images currently requires SceneLab Pro though we'll soon enable some free mockup template exports.

If you'd like to see a specific template design, tell us through the chat, Twitter or Instagram and we'll get it done!

Nils Mehlhorn

Co-Founder of SceneLab & Software Engineer